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Repair / Rebuild

Repair & Rebuild Services for Toolholders, Bushings & Bore Holders | Gatco, Inc. - rotary-bushing-and-toolholder-repairGatco, Inc. provides several services to aid their customers in designing and maintaining their machines.

A few of these services which our customers can benefit from are computer aided design (CAD) of special Bushings and Toolholders, sales engineering, expedited delivery service and our rebuilding program.

If a customer has a problem Gatco will respond within twenty four hours or sooner.

Rebuilding Program

Rotary Bushings

Gatco Rotary Bushings will eventually reach their fatigue life. Therefore, Gatco offers a rebuilding program which will restore the rotary bushing to its original I.D. size, runout specifications and life expectancy. Rebuilding can be done an indefinite number of times as long as the case is re-usable as received, and involves replacement of the inner liner, bearings and seals. Upon inspection, if a rotary bushing cannot be rebuilt, it will be returned at a nominal charge for inspection.

Rotary Toolholders

Gatco Rotary Toolholders can be rebuilt provided the shaft and/or socket is not damaged. A Toolholder repair consists of replacement of the outer shell, bearings and seals also the bearing races are reworked to specification. A unit rebuilt by Gatco will restore the toolholder to it’s original T.I.R. accuracy and life expectancy.

Precision Line Bore Bushings

One of the distinct advantages of Gatco’s cartridge style Precision Line Bore Bushings is that they can be quickly removed from the support housing and a new or rebuilt unit can be slid into place saving precious down time. The worn unit can then be returned to Gatco for rebuilding . A bushing rebuilt by Gatco restores the precision unit to their original specifications and life expectancy. A typical rebuild consists of replacing the inner liner, bearings and seals. The bushings are then inspected with precision gaging and the results are documented.

Gatco, Inc. also rebuilds line boring support housings designed with component parts. Quick change cartridge bushings often can be incorporated into these housings requiring little or no modifications.

Precision Floating Line Bore Holders

Similar to the products above these holders manufactured by Gatco or others can be rebuilt to like new condition.


Gatco, Inc. rebuilds Rotary Bushings and Toolholders of different manufacturers. Please contact Gatco for further information on our rebuild service.

Gatco, Inc. cannot be responsible for any product rebuilt or modified by anyone other than Gatco, Inc.. Upon inspection, if it is determined the product cannot be rebuilt, it will be returned at a nominal charge for inspection.