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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What is your standard lead time ?
Our standard lead time is approximately 8 weeks. This time could vary depending on the work volume. Consult the factory for current lead times.

Is it possible to get a bushing or toolholder in a rush because of a break down ?
Yes, Gatco will expedite delivery if a customer has a break down.

Can I get a price list ?
No, Gatco does not publish a price lists, but if called, we will quote you immediately over the phone and will confirm price by fax. if requested.

If I cannot find a bushing or toolholder to fit my application in the catalog can Gatco design a special ?
Yes, Gatco can normally provide a special design proposal within twenty four hours.

Does a special design cost more than a standard. Also is the lead time longer than a standard ?
Special designs are normally in line with the cost of a standard depending on how complex the design. The lead time on a special is the same as on a standard product.

If I have an immediate engineering question is there someone there to answer it ?
Yes, Gatco can provide immediate over the phone engineering assistance.

Can a sales representative call on me ?
Yes, Gatco employs outside salesmen to service our domestic customers. For sales outside the U.S., Gatco will provide direct service through sales representatives.

Why is counter clock wise rotation on bushings optional as stated in the catalog ?
Rotary bushings can rotate in either direction. We ask that you specify rotation due to the construction of certain series. Some series have threaded members and require a locking mechanism to prevent the parts from un-threading when rotated in a counter clockwise rotation.

Should I use oil or grease lubrication ?
Either means of lubrication is acceptable, although at higher speeds oil lubrication may be preferred to dissipate the heat.

I have an application where I need closer size and runout tolerances other than what is standard in the catalog. Can I request closer tolerances ?
Yes, Gatco can hold precision size and runout tolerances to suit any application.

Does Gatco repair rotary bushings and toolholders ?
Yes, all Gatco products can be rebuilt. A unit rebuilt by Gatco restores the rotary bushing or toolholder to it’s original runout, I.D. size, and life expectancy.

Can Gatco rebuild other manufacturers products ?
Yes, we can rebuild any rotary bushing, toolholder , floating holder or line bore supports manufactured by other company’s.

Is rebuilding cost effective ?
Yes, a Gatco rotary bushing can be rebuilt any number of times. The average cost savings over purchasing new is approximately 40% to %50%.

How long should my bushing or toolholder last before repair ?
In general a unit should run approximately 5000 hours based on bearing manufacturers averages. The given application and other conditions may modify this average limitation one way or the other.

Does Gatco provide an electronic catalog ?
Gatco can provide drawings on request.

Does Gatco have a metric catalog ?
Gatco can provide drawings on request.

How can I be sure Gatco is a reliable supplier of quality products ?
Gatco has been servicing the metal working industry since 1913. We have been recognized by Ford Motor Co. , Daimler Chrysler and General Motors as a quality supplier.